// New High Environmental Value certification 🐝🌱🌸 //

For several years now at Château Barbebelle we have been particularly attentive to the protection of the environment. The property is a haven of peace of 300 hectares of nature, a reserve for flora and fauna rare nowadays.
We have done everything to preserve this corner of paradise with passion for 4 generations.

We are also very attentive to the quality of our vintages which you appreciate to taste with confidence. Our daily efforts that are beneficial to the life of the soils and vines are reflected in our wines which are more expressive, lively and authentic.

At the end of 2020, we took the time to carry out the administrative procedures which enabled us to be easily certified « High Environmental Value » level 3.

This new label is based on precise and fundamental values, protection of biodiversity, management of the restrictive phytosanitary strategy, balanced use of fertilization and preservation of water resources through the use of rational irrigation. 🌱🐞💦

We are therefore very happy to be able to promote our strong commitment to rigorous agriculture that reconciles quality production and environmental protection.


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